Introduced in 1979, only 200 were produced.

NEW PART ADDED, Garter Spring and C-Clip available also, see below.

ESP is an authorized vendor of Fox vintage decals that are no longer in production.  The Fox Head and Fox Tail are registered trade marks of Fox Head Inc and Fox Racing Inc.  Use, copy, sale, reproduction or publication in any form whether by decals, manuals, apparel or any other products without written permission of Fox Head Inc and Fox Racing Inc is forbidden by law and may lead to legal action.

Factory Forx Setup:  standard oil, level, pressure is 5wt at 6" @ 12 psi.
***Seals are installed with a gap below them, press in 1/4" below top of legs. The reason for the gap is to allow you to use a punch to drive down one side of the seal when replacing, this will cock the seal allowing for easier removal.

Tubes and legs are all the same length, overall length and travel is adjusted by varying the length of the damper rods.

How long will your seals last?
The rubber coated canned seals used in the Fox Factory Forx has a 15 year shelf life, once installed it is less, however there is major flaw in the use of canned seals, if they last 6 months to a year, they're doing good, that was the expectation back in the day.  The canned seals are not designed for high pressure applications over 5 psi, and thus the reason Steve Simons changed to the hydraulic wiper/seal combination in his Air Forks.  My recommendation is to convert the forks to a conventional setup like the OEM's, replace the springs with a heavier standard rate for your weight and riding.  Install RaceTech Emulators for damping.  Use no air, use spacers to set sag if needed.
Condition of the tubes and slider bearings is critical to seal life.  Wear in either will cause flex that you won't feel, but it works against the seals.  Track conditions such as fine gritty sand and extreme mud will also effect seal life.

Bottom line, if they don't leak after the first ride, the seals and installation is good, if they last less then 6 months, it is a possible indication of a wear issue that is effecting the seals.   One year is the norm, if your not happy with that, get away from using air and go with a spring change and emulators.


FOX FACTORY FORX OWNERS MANUAL, scanned and printed from original, #94-7000 $9

Fox Factory Forx Rebuild Package, includes Oil Seal Set, Decal Set for Legs, and the Manual at 50% off,  #909-210A $41.50

SEAL Kit with cap orings,  44x54x9,  Seals are installed with a gap below them, press in 1/4" below top of legs., Set of 2, #94-0079$22 pair

DUST BOOT SET with Fox Factory logo Reproduction, does not include retaining clip or Garter spring, Set of 2, #94-0081-OEM$74 pair



DUST BOOT SET, generic, no logo, Set of 2, #94-0081$39 pair

RaceTech Gold Valve Emulator Setup, upgrade your forks to the performance level of modern forks with a progressive response, includes RT valving package, spacer set to go between valves and damper rod, requires drilling of lower damper rod ports, removal of dome on top of damper rod, and shortening of preload spacers.   #800-063, $179.99 set

Negative Spring Set Medium, Set of 2,  #94-0063 $49 pair  OUT of STOCK

Fork Cap with Air Valve, Reproduction,  #94-0043 $69 each

Fork Leg Stickers, Set of 2,  #909-230 $15 pair

Fork Clamp Sticker,  #VF-428 $5.00 each

Damper Rod Bolt and Washer Set, stainless steel, exact bolts are not available, heads are a size larger then OEM, uses 7/16" allen wrench below (standard is 3/8"), heads machined to be flush with bottom cap, Set of 2, #94-0095$26 pair

Damper Rod Bolt Sealing Washer Set, Set of 2, #94-0096$1 pair

Damper Rod Bolt 7/16 inch Allen Wrench for Above Bolt Set,  #909-920$6.50 each

Damper Rod Bolt 7/16 inch 3/8" Drive Allen Impact Socket for Above Bolt Set,  #909-921$17.50 each

Factory Forx Slider Cap Socket 1" square by 1.3" long stainless steel, will not bend like 1" square tubing,  #94-0097, $30 each

Handlebar Clamp Set, tops and bottoms are machine match and marked to ensure proper placement, available only as a set, Set of 2, #94-0018$120 pair

Handlebar Clamp Bolt Set, bolts and washers in stainless steel, Set of 4, #909-222$6 set

Allen Bolt Set, 4x handlebar bottom clamp bolts and 8x triple tree bolts, stainless steel w/black oxide finish, (Fox #94-0017 and 0019) #909-223$25.40 set

AXLE CLAMP STUD LOCK NUT, stainless steel, #909-216$0.75 each

AXLE CLAMP STUD WASHER, stainless steel, #909-217$0.30 each

DRAIN SCREW, zinc plated, #94-0098$0.25 each

DRAIN SCREW SEALING WASHER, clear, #94-0099$0.95 each

SEAL RETAINING WASHER, the washer prevents the seal from pushing the snap ring out of it's groove, Set of 2, #94-0080$32 pair

SEAL RETAINING SNAP RING, Set of 2, #94-0083 $23 pair

Air Valves, Original replacement, Nickel-Plated, 200 psi sustained, 300 psi peak, metal cap, always install with a fresh layer of plumbers tape which can be found under Tools,  #38-0220,  $4.50 each

Standard Air Valve Cores, 200 psi sustained, 300 psi peak,  #909-054-2 2 for $1.90

Original Style Nickel Plated Air Caps, long skirt for easy threading, o-ring seal, measures 0.513" long by 0.350" O.D., #909-056 2 for $1.40 
Nickel Plated Air Caps, similar to original in appearance but wall is thicker, long skirt for easy threading, o-ring seal, measures 0.559" long by 0.423" O.D.,  #909-058-2 2 for $1.40  OUT of STOCK
Chrome Hex Air Caps, fiber ring seal,  #909-055 2 for $1.00

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