Past race results.

THE BIKES.  77 CR125M1, 78 CR250R Elsinores, and 81 CR250R.  Current project in the Werkes Shed, 73/75 Honda XR75 Flat-tracker.
Future projects, 81 Yamaha GT80 and a 82 TT250.

77 CR125 -- Except for the handlebars, levers, and Dunlop's, the bike is stock.  A nearly mint tank is in storage.

78 CR250R -- One of three from the old days, this bike survived the years as a basket case and an ex-wife unit that wanted it hauled to the dump and threatened divorce if I ever rode again.  This bike is now nearly identical to my main ride.  Equipped with 60 degree side-pull throttle, shorty levers, 29" handlebar, Clarke Tank, Boyesen Pro Reeds, 38mm Mikuni, reproduction Fox mounting brackets, DG Silencer, Dunlop's, Simons Forks with magnesium sliders, Fox AirShox's, DG Gold Anodized swing-arm, 79 electronics and cylinder, and perched on a work stand.  A nearly mint tank is in storage.  Thanks to Faye for purchasing the swing-arm on EBay!.... I had been watching it all week and was not in the position to bid on it.  As the auction went into it's final hours, I sat intently at my PC watching the bidding as Faye sat at hers playing on-line Bingo.  With less than an hour to go, Faye stated, "honey, I just won a $800 jack pot."  Half paying attention, I casually replied, "...that's nice." and continued to watch the bidding....  Minutes later, I asked, "is that real money???"  She simply stated, "you can buy that swing-arm now."

81 CR250R -- DG pipe and silencer, Boyesen Reeds, Dunlop's, and 29" bars with shorty levers. 

77 CR125M and 78 CR250R    Three CR's    77 Honda CR125    78 Honda CR250R    81 Honda CR250R

    With Carol Pigg at the 2010 Budds Creek Pro National, Carol is still scoring at District 13 events.

                    Budds Creek 2010 Pro National with Roger Decoster and Ryan Dungey.  Charde' and I went to the pits looking for our favorite riders, I'm partial to anyone riding a Geico Honda and she is a Reedy fan.  Well, none of those guys where anywhere to be found, then we came to the Makita Suzuki pit, both of our loyalties were changed by the fact that Roger and his team were 100% about the fans and being accessible.  The Man knows more about what our sport and Pro MX is about then any other team manager out there.

PEK&I_1.jpg (91358 bytes)    Patrick and I at Budds Creek, MD.  2000 season regional opener.


Kenly060802_4[3].jpg (121143 bytes)    Trying to chase down a rider who was in diapers when 78 CR's came out.  Hopefully, I will get as fast as Steve in time.


Easton02[6].jpg (147645 bytes)    2002, "The Landing" in Easton, MD.  Thanks to Nathan for the ride and the picture.



2002 MidAtlantic Team Champs    The 2002 Mid-Atlantic Team Champions.  Left to right, Peter Tyson, Steve Isenhour, and yours truly.
    Despite a point system designed to favor Vintage bikes, we all pushed ourselves to the edge on our Post Vintage mounts to
    take the overall.  Many thanks to Peter and Steve for making a dream come true in winning this event.


CB2003_1.jpg (177635 bytes)    2003, AHRMA National at Camelback, WV.

moutaineer_08a.jpg (169430 bytes)    2003, Rausch Creek.  This event will be forever in my mind due to a "Newbie" Expert on a 490 Maico that took me out before the first turn.      End result was shoulder surgery at the end of the 04 season.  Photo by Missy Ackerman.


    2003, The Landing in Easton MD.  Photo by Bob Siegel.

thorwithblocks.JPG (732053 bytes)    Receiving First in Open Ultima Intermediate.  The starting blocks were a gift from Fred Guidi, I expect the tandem setup
    to facilitate many hole shots this season.


FredGuidi.jpg (141890 bytes)    The award that should have been given in 2003!  "The Vintage Tissue Award"  I hereby award to Fred Guidi,
    "a former back of the pack  pro", for crying "Sandbaggers" to the Post Vintage Riders that he doesn't even compete with!
Call me after you run the National Series as an Expert in Post Vintage, not Vintage, I've got plenty of "Vintage" tissues just for you bud.



gatorback.jpg (365788 bytes)    2004 at Gatorback, FLA  Photo by Matt Benson.


    Gatorback 2004 with Jim Pomeroy.  August 6, 2006, Godspeed Jim, you will be missed, remembered, respected for all you have done for our sport, and loved by all of us that have been touched by you by just being Jim.


    Mr. Pomeroy getting sadistic pleasure by touching the boo-boo on my throttle thumb as Dave Boydstun looks on with equal pleasure!


    AHRMA Awards Banquet for 2003.  Congratulating Rik Smits for a fun season.  During the year, Rik and I banged bars at every race.    In the end, I got him by just a few points in PV Open Age.


Budds Creek 2006 on 81.

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