Dedicated to Friends and Competitors of District 13 from 1978 to 82.

This collection is from the many photos taken by Bill Butcher, my sister Terry, and myself.  If you rode in the District during that time and have a picture that needs to be here, please send it.

Currently riding in the AHRMA North-Atlantic region and North Carolina: Jeff Bailey (helping Bill Berryman restore a Vintage racer) , Bill Speleos, Bob Siegel, and Kent Cameron of Devil's Ridge, Ricky Shields, Rick Shearer, Fred Rorrer, Mark Sexton

Others that I have heard from or run into over the years and recently: David White, Dennis Knific, AC Bruce, Bob White (owns Cycle Concepts in Richmond, Donald Morrow  (manager of Cycle Concepts) and Victor Morrow, David Jeffers, Mark Pearlstein, Jay Douglas, Brian Batterson, Tim Tyler, T.J. Estep, Ray Pulley, Steve Whitecoff, Larry Simpson, Lance & Bob Eubank (own Pro Class Cycles in Richmond), Greg Brown, Walter "Biff" Hillery, Jay Wilson, Rob Racer, Billy Covitz, Ferrell McCollough.

Back in those days, a race never started without this prayer.
Lord I pray as I race today
Keep Me safe along the way
Not only Me but others too
As they perform the jobs they do
I know God that in a race I the driver must set the pace
But in this race of life I pray
Help Me Lord along the way
Although I know I am a sinner
Help Me to believe that with God
Your always a winner

DavidBailey93.JPG (458129 bytes) David Bailey, #93, at National Qualifier at Lake Sugar Tree, 1980.  Sportscaster for ESPN.

GregBrown18.jpg (334808 bytes) Greg Brown, #18, at White Oak.

Bill Butcher#129, Bill Butcher, at Cedar Ridge. Poster Boy for the Great American Success Story from District 13.  Back in the days, 
he attended VCU and worked as a Newspaper Route Manager, which conveniently provided him with a van for transportation.
After graduating with a business degree, he spent 15 years working for several companies.  In 1998, he bought a new bike with the thought of getting back into racing. He then had the idea to start his own Mail Order business, catering to Dirt Bike and ATV accessories.  His company, MOTOSPORTS OUTLET, is now one of the, if not the, industry leader in Mail Order and OnLine sales.  WTG Bill!

ChrisEllis3.jpg (257715 bytes)  Chris Ellis, #3, at White Oak.

JohnGraumann8.jpg (235589 bytes)  John Graumann, #8, at SME.

RobKennedy250.jpg (353803 bytes)  Rob Kennedy, #250, at SME.

KenMartin149.jpg (348117 bytes)  Ken Martin, #149, at White Oak. Owns a game preserve/hunting establishment in or near Buckingham Co.

RayPulley5.jpg (322963 bytes)  Ray Pulley, #5, at White Oak.

HowieRoberts15_2.jpg (133328 bytes)  Howie Roberts, #15, at White Oak.

RossSaunders14.jpg (357851 bytes)  Ross Sanders, #14, at SME.  Has a bike shop south of Fredericksburg.

LeeSutton232.jpg (258090 bytes)  Lee Sutton, #232, at SME.  Has been riding ever since.  Did a Post Vintage Demo for wanna-be Experts on my 78 CR250R at Elizabeth City in 2003. Check the friends page for updates.


WilliamThompson21.jpg (205760 bytes)  William Thompson, #21, at SME.

BubbaWalker82and21.jpg (216044 bytes)  Bubba Walker, #82x and William Thompson dicing it out.  Standing in the background to the right is Danny Marshall.

78YZ125EbcFirstTrophy3.jpg (285150 bytes)  With Bob Warren at Buffalo Creek.

GlennWright1.jpg (284412 bytes)  Glen Wright, #1, White Oak or SME.  Deceased in a street bike accident in Daytona.  I always enjoyed watching him ride,
  he rarely got off of the seat and truly seemed to be one with his bike.  Godspeed Glen, you have not been forgotten.


81 Nationals in Minnesota

The Start!
MN81startline.jpg (387249 bytes)    MN81startline1.jpg (316110 bytes)    MN81startline2.jpg (288734 bytes)
David White
DWhite1.jpg (320997 bytes)    DWhite2.jpg (394213 bytes)    DWhite3.jpg (233552 bytes)
Jimmie Pigg
JPigg1.jpg (332419 bytes)    JPigg2.jpg (334115 bytes)    JPigg3.jpg (433068 bytes)    JPigg4.jpg (259887 bytes)
The Pit Crew
TTofRacePlace.jpg (235129 bytes)  Tim Tyler  CPigg.jpg (276765 bytes)  Carol Pigg  TiredandReadytogohome.jpg (237452 bytes)    Crashed out!
Mugen125.jpg (331556 bytes)    Mugen 125
















T.J. Estep recently sent me a ton of pics from his collection, I will be posting them in the coming weeks along with his comments.
Sliding around White Oaks first turn, a little muddy that day.
Exiting the hairpin @ the end of Robertson BL on a muddy day. I love the element of mud more than any other. mud rocks!
Cedar Ridge. Glenn Wright SME. John Graumann White Oak Ant Hill.
White Oak Staging. White Oak Holeshot.
District Dirt issue featuring Speleos and David Smith.

Another recent surprise, heard from Walter "Biff" Hillery, he lives out in Colorado, (along with Glenn Taylor and John & Jimmy Old), and just got  back into racing Modern, here is some of his pics and comments.  He would also enjoy hearing from you, contact me for his 411.
Cedar Ridge 1976. With Art Byrd at Romney 1976.
Antietam 1977.
White Oak, April 1980. White Oak 1980.

White Oak 1981.
White Oak in 81 (I'm #91, in 2nd) Speleos is in there as is Berryman I think, that's Nicky Torrice with the holeshot I can't remember all the other YZ riders from that year, but there were alot!
Glenn Taylor and sons at Thunder Valley. With Johnathan Beasley at '07 MXoN.
With Erin Bates.


There are many others that will be added, once I start going thru my collection negatives.

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