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Rebuildable Fox H-D ShoxsAllen Plug Charging PortFox Logo

Identifying features of Rebuildable H-D Shoxs, note the allen plug for charging port and wrench flats on sealhead.

Fox made non-rebuildable and rebuildable Shoxs for Harley-Davidson, above photos is the rebuildable version.

Pressure: 100 to 200 psi, Oil: 5wt fork or shock fluid, filled to capacity, about 65-70cc, has internal reservoir.  Bottom cap
must be removed to set piston depth and bleed air.  Depth of piston from bottom end of cylinder is 1.170".
Charging port may be syringe type plug or a recessed Schrader Valve, I'm working on making an adapter
for this Schrader type.

FOX HARLEY-DAVIDSON SHOX SEAL KIT, includes all internal soft parts for pair of 1/2" shaft Shoxs, manual not available at this time, #909-399,  $29.00

FOX VICTORY SHOX SEAL KIT, includes all internal soft parts for single 1/2" shaft Shox, manual not available at this time, #919-900,  $29.00

Spring Cap Snap Ring, stainless steel,  Set of 2, #38-0210-SS $15.00 pair

Spring Cap Snap Ring, black oxide finish,  Set of 2, #38-0210-BO $5.00 pair

Mount Rubbers, Set of 8, #909-397 $45.00 set of 8

Mount Rubbers, each, #909-398 $7.00 each

Bottom Out Bumpers, 3/4" hgt., Set of 2, #909-402 $30 pair


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