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"Specializing in Vintage & Post Vintage Fox Shoxs, Forxs and Simons Forks"

Service also available for Works Performance, early CR Showa, Red Wings. 78 & later Monoshocks,
most Post Vintage & Modern single shocks and forks, most Ohlins, along with install & setup of Race Tech valving products.
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Additional Registered Domain Names:  www.vintagefoxshoxs.com   www.foxairshoxs.com   www.simonsforks.com

ESP is an authorized vendor of Fox vintage decals that are no longer in production.  The Fox Head and Fox Tail are registered trade marks of Fox Head Inc and Fox Racing Inc.  Use, copy, sale, reproduction or publication in any form whether by decals, manuals, apparel or any other products without written permission of Fox Head Inc and Fox Racing Inc is forbidden by law and may lead to legal action.

Email: LtThor@comcast.net

JKracingUK is stocking popular Fox AirShox, Fox Forx and Simons parts.

I'm always looking for Fox & Simons NOS (for patterns) parts, email if you have any.

Shock & Fork Rebuilding and Restoration available.

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Shipping address:
11279 Gwathmey Church Rd, Ashland, VA 23005
Landline: (804)-798-0990
Best time to call: 10 am to 6 pm EST

For UPS/FedEx purposes, this is a rural residential address, it is my home & shop.
Please do not require a signature if possible, but do insure and add tracking to your item, signature is mandatory over a certain amount, that is ok, we live in a farming country and the carriers know where to leave incoming packages where they will be safe.  When we are away, granddaughter lives here and will ensure packages are brought in daily.  If signature is required on postal deliveries, the carrier leaves me a pink slip requiring pickup at the Post Office and it may be a few days before I can pick it up.  UPS will come back to the shop for signature, when not here, leave a note and re-deliver the next business day.

Please pack your parts carefully to prevent loss or damage.  If leaking, wrap in a bag or saran wrap.  If using packaging peanuts or styrofoam, please wrap parts in plastic or paper so I do not have to spend time picking peanuts from springs and AirShox fins.  For AirShoxs, you can bleed the top valve to collapse the Shoxs to fit in a smaller box.  Bubble wrap the parts, cover sharp ends with additional material to prevent punching out of the container, zip or wire tie the mount bushings even if they are not loose.  Place extra padding around air valves that can be broken off.  Use sufficient packing to prevent movement in container.  Thoroughly tape all seams, corners and edges.  I do not want to have to call you and tell you, I received an empty box.
And do not forget to enclose a work order or note, even if we just talked on the phone.

For questions regarding rebuilding or products; email works best as I cannot answer calls when I am in the middle of a job and I usually work by myself, you may call, leave a message if I do not answer, I'm located in central Virginia, best time to call and "normal" shop hours is Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm EST.   The current time here is:    If you're in the US or Canada, save the cost of a long distance call, send your number and I'll call you.

For Fox Bicycle Shocks, go to http://www.bikebeatonline.com/

Authorized Race Tech Dealer
Active AHRMA members will receive a 10% discount
on RT parts, excludes shipping on special orders.

Authorized Wiseco Dealer

Authorized Cannon RaceCraft Dealer
Need different rate springs?
New springs made by Cannon RaceCraft on a per order basis.

FastGuyStuff Decals



Call or Email for prices.


Suspension Fluids

The most common question that I'm asked, is "what is and where can I find Bel-Ray LT-100 oil?"  Without getting into why Bel-Ray used this terminology back then, LT-100 is 5wt Fork or Shock oil.

This Secure Shopping Cart is Powered thru PayPal.
A PayPal account is not required nor do you have to use your PayPal account to make your purchase online, most Charge Cards are accepted online.
Card orders are accepted by phone, but take away from my shop time to process.
Most orders shipped by USPS Priority within 1 business day.  Express, UPS, FedEx and First Class upon request.

Orders by check or money order, within the U.S. only, are always welcomed.  Credit/Debit Cards accepted thru PayPal or by phone.  You do not have to register for an account to check out.  If you have an account but wish to use a credit card, simply hit "card logos" on the Check Out page, this will take you to the secure page for making direct card purchases.

For mail orders, print the Adobe PDF Order Form and mail with your order.
Don't have the Adobe Reader? Click here to download.

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or CHECK OUT to Secure PayPal Page.  NOTE, browser pop-ups must be enabled for cart to work.

USPS may require an Adult Signature for anything insured over $100.  When you find the
pink slip in your mailbox, either pickup, or you should be able to sign the form for redelivery the next business day.
Redelivery policy does vary with post offices.

Typical Shipping/Handling for part orders by USPS Priority Mail, this does not include shocks or other large parts sold on this site, email for cost before you buy.

If the actual cost is significantly less, difference will be refunded to your PayPal or credit card.

Postage on U.S. orders (2-3 days) with Delivery Confirmation starts at $8.25 (includes insurance up to $50).  FedEx Overnight and I deliver to shipping center $35+.

Canada Priority (6-10 days), does not include custom duties: $20.55 and up.  (insurance is included on all orders over $50, buyer is responsible for import duties and taxes of the full amount of the order, if you do not want it insured, you must send me an email requesting such and release me from any liability for loss or damage).

International Overseas, does not include custom duties.
First Class International for most countries available on a trial basis, it does not offer insurance and tracking, delivery 2 to 4 weeks, good for products such as manuals, decals, seal kits, small parts.  Most fit in an envelope or small box and weigh less then 2 lbs, over 2 lbs the rate becomes the same as Priority.  Rate is typically $10 to $16, difference will be refunded when order is processed.

Priority International Economy without insurance and tracking, items must be able to fit in a flat rate envelope (most decals, manual and/or one seal kit) or flat rate small box (not suitable for multiple manuals, FAS Negative Springs, Air Gauges, axles, or brake stay), use at buyers risk, if is lost or damaged, it is yours!!!,:
Order up to $99.99, (49.99 for Italy),, shipping $24.75 without insurance and tracking only within U.S. until dispatched to your country.
Order $100, ($50 for Italy), and up, shipping $33.25 plus, Insured, this is when I require insurance.

Typical Priority International with insurance and tracking for parts orders, shocks & forks will be more:
Order amount up to $99.99, shipping $33.25
Order from $100 to $199.99, shipping $33.25
Order from $200 to $399.99, shipping $46.50
Order from $400 and up, shipping $53.50
Over $600 to be determined based on weight, value, and country.

International 3 to 5 day Express with insurance $72.45 for up to $199.99, $75.75 for up to $399.99, $78.25 to $83.25 for $400 to $700. 

International buyers are responsible for all custom duties, taxes, or VAT for the insured or full amount and depending on country, may include the postage amount of your order.  Yes, even postage is taxed!

You must include your phone number for International orders.

ALL PRIORITY MAIL POSTAGE WILL BE ADDED BY PAYPAL AT CHECKOUT.  Oversize items to large for USPS flat rate envelopes or boxes will require additional postage and will be billed thru PayPal as needed.  If the actual postage is significantly less then what the cart charges, the difference will be refunded thru PayPal.

Privacy Statement:  I do not share or sell customer information, phone numbers, email addresses period.

Add this site to your Favorites and check back often.  I'm always working on new products, whether it may be finding and matching to existing sources, having it manufactured, or machining it myself.  (yes, I have a small lathe/mill and work with Rusk County Manufacturing for producing larger parts and parts needed in quantity).

Thank you for visiting ESP..... Thor

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