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(This is my shop & home, so it is residential for UPS and FedEx)

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as of 09/01/15.

A note on shipping your parts, package with extreme care.
Add packing to keep the parts from moving within the package, pay attention to ends that will puncture
the container.  Zip Tie mount bushings.  Use plenty of tape on all edges and seams, and buy insurance just in case!
USPS FlatRate Boxes are great for saving $, but they are thin, need to be padded and reinforced.
And please include a work order or note, even if we talked on the phone or exchanged emails.

Service also available for Works Performance, early CR Showa, Red Wings. Ohlins, 78 & later Monoshocks,
most Post Vintage & Modern single shocks, along with install & setup of Race Tech valving products.

Shop is equipped with a Intercomp shock and fork spring rater to help you achieve the best setup possible.

Rebuild Labor
I don't do quickies, all rebuilds are completely disassembled except for bladders in AirShoxs with a known service record, all parts are cleaned and inspected for wear and damage.
Twin Shocks $120, With Reservoirs $140, add $30 if real nasty and extra cleanup is needed.
Fox MonoShock without reservoir, $120, add $30 if real nasty and extra cleanup is needed.
Single Shock with Reservoir, $150, Without Reservoir $120, additional charge may apply if damper adjuster rod is frozen in the shaft., add $30 if real nasty and extra cleanup is needed.
Conventional, FOX & Simons Air Forks, $120, add $30 if real nasty and extra cleanup is needed.
Simons UDX, all UpSideDown Forks, $150, Twin Chamber $180+, add $30 if real nasty and extra cleanup is needed.
All, additional labor may be applied for modifying sealheads to available seals, damping rods for piston rings, or any repair requiring machining.
RaceTech Gold Valves, no additional charge when part of a rebuild/restoration service.
All - washing muddy shocks and forks, additional $40+.
Last minute Rush Jobs when feasible, Double the Labor Rate.

On(the dirt & oily grime associated with leaking shocks is ok, but please don't send me work that came right off your bike after running the Blackwater XC)

How much will the parts run for a rebuild?
With vintage shocks with an unknown history or bought 2nd hand, you never know what you will run into until they are opened up.  Customers have bought pretty shocks off of eBay only to find damaged shafts, missing parts, or the insides totally destroyed.
What follows is a guide as to what a normal rebuild of a good pair of shocks may run along with other wearable parts that should be considered.

Seal Kit $41, Oil $14, Valve Cores $3.80, Stickers $16 for a total cost of $185 plus return shipping.
Bladders are pressure tested to 300 psi, it they hold, I do not remove them unless I have reason to believe that the shaft chamber is pack with debris or that due to age, seal parts, they should be replaced.  Replacement bladders are $69 a set if needed.  Other items that may be needed; Air valves are $4.50 each, piston rings if worn below spec is $30 a set.  Most shocks bought 2nd hand are missing reducer bushings which run $42 a set.  If the shocks were stored without oil, moisture corrosion is common to other internal parts.  On the high end, a rebuild can run up to $400 barring any other damage.

Fox Shox, aka Fox Gas Shox
A typical rebuild will consist of seal kit, oil, valve cores, appropriate decals, and piston rings if needed.  Total cost would be about $225.  Next on the "if needed" list is the bottom out bumpers, $27-$32.  Nylon spring guides $36.  Internal top out bumpers $14.  Re-sleeve bronze bearings $10 each.  Air valves $9.  Mount reducers run $28.  Shocks that have been run dry of oil will wear out the piston rings prematurely and result in damage to the piston.  With the additional items barring any other damage, the high end can run about $375.  New dual springs run approximately $250+ for complete set. Shafts $75 each.

Factory Shox
Rebuild consists of seal kit, oil, valve cores, decals for reservoir models at a total cost of $200.  Number one on the if needed list is the bottom out bumpers at $50, if you just picked up an old set, you can pretty much bank on needing a set.  The next item that I see is the need for correct or new reducer bushings and o-rings at $56.  The high end on these Shoxs tend to run about $280.  Unless they have been abused or have damaged shafts, other damage or wear is rare on these Shoxs, a testament to their fine construction and design.  New main springs run approximately $250+ for a pair.

Restoration Labor (in addition to rebuild rate above)
AirShoxs -
anodizing bodies, polishing mounts & bronze bearing, up to $80 depending on condition for stripping & prepping bodies.
Anodizing: add $125 per body (out sourced locally).
Fox Gas Shoxs -
powder coat bodies & springs, yellow chromate zinc plate external steel parts, $150.
Fox Factory Shoxs -
powder coat springs & (bodies for emulsion Shoxs), yellow chromate zinc plate external steel parts, zinc plate body cylinders, polish alum. or bronze parts, $150.
Single Shocks -
varies according to original finishes, app. $90 to $150.
Simons & Conventional Forks -
Powder Coat Legs, clear top coat over stickers $90. "Works Look" Wire Brush Polishing $120 per pair,
add $30 for Clear Gloss Powder Coating over or under Stickers.
Steering Clamps & Hubs, Powder Coat, $90 to $150 depending on prep time.

Out Sourced Services
Hard Chroming of Fox AirShox and TwinClicker Shafts$150 per shaft when part of an ESP rebuild service, if not, shipping costs ($15) and cleaning of shafts (if needed) will be additional.
Hard Chroming of Fork Tubes -
$170 to $210 per tube when part of an ESP rebuild service, if not, add $30 for delivery/pickup, and cleaning of tubes & legs (if needed) will be additional at $30 per hour.  If damaged, severe pitting that requires welding and grinding, add $70 per hour (out sourced locally by the plating shop).
Anodizing with or without color of other parts -
varies depending on stripping/prep time and vendors charge.

$60 per hour plus materials.
If I have to use the local machine shop, their rate is $80 per hour plus materials.

AirShox Shaft and Body reduction, $200 per pair up to 1", plus $20 for each additional 1/4" or fraction of for machining.  Machined bodies will need to be re-anodized at $80 to $150 depending on color.  Depending on length, new jets, valve springs and bladders may be needed.

I'm not a professional machinist, however, since acquiring a medium duty lathe/mill in 2006 I have learnt a great deal by researching, reading, and picking the brains of others.  The enjoyment that I get from creating parts from a piece of raw material is only surpassed by my desire to turn old Fox shocks into works of art that are mechanically perfect. 

The type of parts made have ranged from shop & machining tools, custom mount bushings, axles, wheel spacers, cylinder studs, shock reservoirs, Fox Shox bronze bearings and one piece lower eye mounts.  On an as needed basis I have made new shafts for the Fox Shox and Factory Shoxs, they are now contracted to RCM, and have reduced the length of AirShox bodies and shafts.  I've dissected an AirShox shaft and the ability to reproduce them is within my means when time becomes available.

More complex work such as custom steering clamps are best left to the professionals with the right equipment and tools such as my buddy Phil Fuhlman at RCM.

Zinc Plating and Chromating Individual Small Parts
Prices vary according to the condition of the part and amount of preparation time involved, quotes available upon request.
Besides shock parts, I've also done kick starters, shifters and hardware.  My tanks and power source are small, for large quantities of hardware, please
seek a commercial plater.

Return Shipping
USPS, FedEx, or UPS, you tell me which you prefer, otherwise I will go with the service that will provide the best delivery time at a reasonable cost.  Whether it is FedEx or USPS will depend on distance and weight.  USPS is great if a Flat Rate box is used, especially coast to coast, and sometimes regular boxes under 10 lbs depending on location.  FedEx gives me the best rates for 10 lbs and over, unless shipping coast to coast and a Large Flat Rate USPS box can be used.  You may specify the insurance amount or I will insure up to the amount of the work by default.
S/H is based on actual cost plus $2 if I have to provide a new box to return your shocks, $3 for Forks box.

For Payment of Rebuilds and Shipping - with Credit Card option.  Job,  $$$

For Payment of Rebuilds and Shipping - with Credit Card option.  Job,  $$$


For Payment of Rebuilds and Shipping - with Credit Card option.  Anthony Sardello$245.97 since 6/28/07 after receiving shocks and selling them with my help!........never again.......


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