AMSOIL 5wt quart bottle, for shocks and forks, #110-002,  $14 each
AMSOIL 10wt quart bottle, for shocks and forks, #110-003,  $14 each
MAXIMA 15wt quart bottle, for forks, #110-004,  $14 each
MAXIMA 20wt quart bottle, for forks, #110-005,  $14 each
Measuring Cylinder, 250cc, graduated mark every 2cc, 12-3/8" height, clear plastic, #909-927,  $28.50 each



Some Tools are machined or assembled to order, please allow a few days to ship.

ESP Pressure Gauge with Zero Loss T-Valve for Shocks, 2-1/2" 300 psi gauge on swivel, marks every 5 psi, dual air valves for bleeding and connecting to pressure source by a T-Valve at the same time just like the original, #98-3300,  $94 each (international shipping requires insured postage rates due to size, please select $29.75+ rate, cannot be shipped flat rate)
ESP Pressure Gauge with Zero Loss T-Valve for Forks, 2" 60 psi gauge on swivel, marks every 1 psi, single air valve, designed for YZ canister forks, ideal for all air forks, #98-3301,  $84 each

Zero Loss T Valve, 1/8" NPT, #909-903,  $63.90 each

Zero Loss T Valve Repair Kit, 2x o-rings for repairing leaking T-valves, also fits the original Fox valve, #909-907,  $1.00 each

Shock Nitrogen Needle, with air valve to fit pressure gauge and extra tip, #909-922,  $34.99 each

 Shock Nitrogen Needle Replacement Tip,  #909-923,  $4.00 each

Air Gauge Head 0-60 psi, Forks, 2" face, 1 psi marks, 1/4" NPT, #909-914,  $16.95 each

Air Gauge Head 0-300 psi, Shocks, 2-1/2" face, 5 psi marks, 1/4" NPT, #909-904,  $18.95 each

Air Gauge Head Swivel, 1/4" NPT, #909-905,  $8.00 each

Adapter, 1/8" NPT Male to 1/4" NPT Female, #909-925,  $14.00 each

NEW!!!  4-Piece Seal Pick Set, 5-1/2" long, 2-3/4" handles, ideal for orings, seals, wipers, and cleaning seal grooves.  #909-926, $16 set

Thread Sealing Tape, 1/4" width, .003" thickness, just the right width for fittings and the correct thickness, this is not the thin stuff you find in the local hardware store.  #909-907, $3.95 each

Valve Stem Repair and Core Remover, WORD of CAUTION!!!  This is an excellent tool for repairing minor thread damage to the air valves, however, do not use the thread repair while the valve is on the shock, you will risk introducing metal splinters into your shock which will puncture bladders and damage seals.  #909-906, $3.95 each

Shaft Holder for 10, 12, 12.5, 14mm and 1/2" shafts  #909-913, $69.95 each

Shaft Holder for 32, 35mm shafts, 35 works for AirShox shafts after sanding (rounding off) leading edges slightly,  #909-919, $69.95 each

Factory Forx Slider Cap Socket 1" square by 1.3" long stainless steel, will not bend like 1" square tubing,  #94-0097, $30 each

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